Our lead consultant, Cynthia Copeland, has over 30 years of corporate and professional services experience.

Cynthia works with business professionals on issues related to career planning and advancement, leadership, life activity (work, life etc) challenges, business development, effective communication and job and career transitions. She has coached a number of individuals throughout the world at varying levels of experience and seniority, in firms of every size, shape, complexity and level of organisational function (and dysfunction).

Additionally, in response to an increasing demand for excellence in the area of attraction and area of specialised recruitment, onboarding, and the retention of key executives, Cynthia also works with a select number of corporate clients in the acquisition of key leadership talent.

In addition to her research, design and consulting background, Cynthia has considerable hands-on leadership experience. She has held positions ranging from first-line supervisor to head of function in departments with budgets exceeding US$100m. She has successfully managed departmental teams including a high-tech training department, cross-functional project teams, executive task forces and large, geographically dispersed development teams.

Through her private practice and association with key peak performance and leadership consultancies, Cynthia has consulted to a number of Global Fortune 500 companies including Banking & Financial Services (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, BAML, Wells Fargo, Barclays, RBS), Law (Ince & Co, Baker & McKenzie), IT (HP, HGST, Microsoft), Health & Wellness (Siemens Medical, HK Hospital Authority), Manufacturing / Engineering (ARUP, General Motors) and Oil & Gas (ConocoPhillips)

Cynthia is a Fellow with The RSA, a Member of the International Positive Psychology Association and a Zenger Folkman Certified Extraordinary Leader Master Trainer and Coach.


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